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Booster Series TYP-2500


Specifications: 50 gallons

Luoya pump head / NH: can be used with

Quick pump head / M: can be used with

Pressure regulator pump head

Regulated pump head: can match

Working pressure: 80PSI

Voltage / Current: 24V / 0.65A

Flow: 0.6l

Our family of small booster pumps range from 50 gallons to 100 gallons

The product parameters according to RO membrane water pressure 60PSI ~ 80PSI and design work pressure


Perfect silence comes from our product design concept, so that small families to reduce the noise burden

In line with RO membrane effluent flow requirements, we also make products more energy efficient


Pump head with

Pressure regulator pump headSupercharged pump headQuick-connected pump headStabilized Pump Head (New Product)