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The majority of the world's water pollution is serious, exacerbating the water shortage contradiction. Traditional water treatment methods can not guarantee the provision of good quality drinking water, but also in the municipal water supply there are two pollution problems, such as high-level tank water supply, long running water pipeline, will cause potential rust, scale and Microbes and other pollution problems, therefore, various brands of water purifier came into being, the current market water purification by water treatment, can be divided into the following types: Boiling method refers to drinking water after boiling, which is an ancient method, widely used in the country. Water boils can kill bacteria, but some chemicals and heavy metals can not be removed, even if its content is extremely low, so drinking is still unsafe.

2. Mineralization method is based on the purification and then add to the water beneficial to the human body mineral elements (such as calcium, zinc, strontium and other elements) its purpose is to play the role of health care of mineral water. Commercial water purifier generally in the water purifier to add medical stone to achieve the purpose of mineralization, but man-made mineralization effect is still a controversial issue. Clean water pump

3. Water regulator is Japan's new invention of the product, it is the first water purification treatment, and then electrolysis activation, the alkaline activated water and the PH value of the human body corresponds to the role of health care for the human body, suitable for drinking; Activated water can be used for washing the face, take a bath, a cosmetic effect. However, the water regulator of the water principle, the whole water quality and the impact on the human body after use, have different views, need to be further explored.

4. Activated carbon adsorption (can be divided into the following three forms) are more commonly used, multi-purpose nature, coal, shell (nuclear) and other carbon materials by chemical or physical activation method. It has a very large number of pores and specific surface area, which has a strong adsorption capacity, can effectively adsorb the organic pollutants in water. In addition, during the activation process, the non-crystalline part of the active carbon surface forms some oxygen-containing functional groups, which make the activated carbon have chemical adsorption and catalytic oxidation, reduction performance, can effectively remove some metal ions in water.

5. Reverse osmosis membrane membrane separation technology, which uses water through the pressure of the membrane, the membrane allows only pure water through, while the pollutants are excluded. Using R / O reverse osmosis technology, the US government and the Space Agency spent hundreds of millions of dollars, to solve the astronauts on the moon's drinking water, after years of efforts to carefully develop high-tech achievements. High cost, suitable for areas of poor water quality.

6. Microfiltration and ultrafiltration Microfiltration is the use of cellulose or polymer materials made of microporous membrane, the use of its uniform pore size to retain the water particles, bacteria, colloid, etc., so that it is not through the membrane and be removed. This microporous membrane filtration technology, also known as granular filtration technology, can filter micron or nano-scale particles and bacteria. Ultrafiltration and microfiltration are all membrane separation technology, there is no obvious boundary between the ultrafiltration work pressure is generally about 0.3 MPa, can remove water macromolecules, bacteria, viruses, but the flux is low .

7. Composite When a process is difficult to remove harmful substances in water, the use of two or more of the process is complex. Such as activated carbon adsorption, ultraviolet disinfection, activated carbon adsorption, reverse osmosis, activated carbon adsorption, microfiltration (ultrafiltration), polypropylene microfiber, live charcoal, microfiltration (ultrafiltration). In the compound water purifier, membrane technology composite water purifier water purification performance, especially in the removal of microorganisms (bacteria, algae, etc.) have a more significant effect, some of the water quality of the water purifier can be directly drink, Has been welcomed by the vast number of consumers, water purifiers has become the current development of the hot spots.

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