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Reverse osmosis is a new membrane separation technology developed in the 1960s, is to rely on reverse osmosis membrane under pressure to make the process of solvent and solute separation process. To understand the principle of reverse osmosis desalination, we must first understand the "penetration" concept. Penetration is a physical phenomenon, when the two salts containing different concentrations of water, such as a semi-permeable membrane separation will find that a small amount of salt water will permeate through the membrane to the salt content High water, and the salt does not penetrate, so that the salt concentration of the two together to melt until equal. However, to complete this process takes a long time, this process is also known as natural infiltration. However, if a high salt content of water side, try to add a pressure, the results can also make the osmotic stop, when the pressure is called osmotic pressure. If the pressure increases, the water can penetrate in the opposite direction, while the salt remaining. Therefore, the reverse osmosis desalination principle, that is, in salt water (such as raw water), impose greater pressure than the natural osmotic pressure, the infiltration in the opposite direction, the water molecules in the water pressure to the other side of the membrane, Into clean water, so as to remove the purpose of salt water, which is the principle of reverse osmosis desalination.

Water collection products principle

It is a comprehensive household water treatment system which integrates household pure drinking water, kitchen water, bathing water, washing water, clean water and nursing water. Through the water collection and treatment of raw water, can fully protect the safety of drinking water at home. Water collection products, the collection of existing water purification equipment on the market all the features: including the central water purifier, ultrafiltration filtration system, ion exchange water softener, KDF heavy metal replacement system, reverse osmosis filtration system, pipeline drinking fountains, electric water heaters Function, one-stop solution to all the family's water problems.

Central water purification module: According to the water needs of different families, with different water production of the central water purification system as a pre-treatment module, the central water purification system with composite activated carbon nanofiltration hollow fiber filter, the family Pipeline of the various sediment, rust, red worms, bacteria, toxic gases, odor filter. And the use of the United States KDF55 removal of heavy metals in raw water to ensure that the water after the collection of water filtration products meet all the safety requirements of the family and to protect water supply other water quality.

Kitchen water module: After the central water purification part of the water quality, can meet the kitchen water without heavy metals, pesticide residues, carcinogenic substances and other harmful substances, so as to protect the absolute safety of domestic water.

Bath, washing filter module: modern society, the quality of human life is getting higher and higher, a variety of beauty salons, SPA and other flowers everywhere, softened water on the effect of beauty than ordinary dead skin cream safer and healthier. Therefore, in the central system of sterile water treatment in this module, the water collection of course, no doubt to take into account, it uses the most secure ion exchange technology, the water calcium and magnesium ions replaced, let Bath water quality to the beauty salon SPA soft water level, so that the beauty of beauty at home will be able to enjoy the treatment of SPA in the water, and do not need to share with others. On the other hand, softened water used to wash clothes will not only save detergent, but also make clothes soft and smooth, in particular, is that water softening stage before purification, and ordinary water softener, water Set of sub-softening is not containing sediment, rust, red worms, bacterial softening. Wash clothes even in wet weather, within 48 hours do not have to worry about as ordinary soft water washing clothes because of bacterial problems issued by the unpleasant odor.

Pure water module: for the family, the direct drinking of pure water is usually the greatest demand for water. This module, the water collection products using the United States reverse osmosis membrane technology, South Korea filter processing technology to produce reverse osmosis membrane. Compared with ordinary water purifier, pure water in the reverse osmosis water filtration before the same through the central water purification module, not only the output of water quality is more pure, filter life than ordinary water purifier to be more than 50%. Consumers in the use of the process, no longer have to change the filter for the frequent trouble, water quality is also more safe, pure. Commercial pumps

Baby water module: for babies long-term drinking pure water is healthy, has been the topic of debate within the industry. For families with babies, so that children drink pure water and worry about unhealthy, drinking water and worry about other unsafe. Water collection products also consider this issue, in the end of the configuration of a pure water, another baby drinking water interface, in the pure water through the 200-mesh mineralization to increase the pure water ion content.

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