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Self-priming pump works

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The self-priming pumps are axial back to the liquid pump structure. The pump is composed of a suction chamber, a liquid storage chamber, a scroll chamber, a liquid return chamber, a gas-liquid separation chamber and the like. After the pump starts normally, the impeller sucks in the liquid in the suction chamber and the air in the suction pipe, In the role of centrifugal force, the liquid entrained with the gas to the outer edge of the scroll chamber flow in the outer edge of the impeller to form a certain thickness of the white foam and high-speed rotating liquid ring. The gas-liquid mixture enters the gas-liquid separation chamber through the diffusion pipe. At this time, because the flow rate suddenly decreased, lighter gas from the mixed gas was separated, the gas through the pump spit continued to rise out. The deaerated liquid returns to the liquid chamber and is re-entered into the impeller by the return orifice and mixed again with the gas sucked in from the suction line inside the impeller and flows to the outer edge of the impeller under the action of high-speed rotating impeller. ... As the process continues round and round, the air in the suction line continues to decrease until the gas is exhausted and the self-priming process is completed. The pump is then put into normal operation.

In some of the pump bearing body is also equipped with a cooling chamber at the bottom. When the bearing heat caused by bearing temperature rise of more than 70 degrees, in the cooling room through any one of the coolant pipe joints, injection cooling circulating cooling. The inner sealing ring is installed on the pump body, and the rear sealing ring is mounted on the bearing body. When the pump is worn to a certain extent by the long-term running sealing ring, the sealing ring Affect the efficiency of the pump and self-priming performance, should be given replacement. Self-priming pump prices

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