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Self-priming pump structure

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Self-priming pump structure of many types, including molten salt pump, vacuum pump, liquid pump, metering pump, gear pump, corrosion-resistant pump, acid pump, fire pump to the direction of rotation. And then flow with the right back to the confluence of water flow, along the volute flow. As the liquid in the volute constantly impact the cascade, has been crushed by the impeller to the strong mixing with the air, resulting in gas-water mixture, and continue to flow so that gas and water can not be separated. The mixture was stripped off at the volute outlet and into the separation chamber along the short tube. In the separation chamber, the air is separated and discharged from the outlet pipe, and the water flows to the outer periphery of the impeller through the left and right water return holes, and is mixed with the air of the suction pipe. So repeated cycle, and gradually exhaust the air in the suction line to make the water into the pump to complete the self-priming process. Sewage pump Self-priming pump Pump diaphragm pump Screw pump Gear pump The same, the difference is only the return of the impeller does not flow to the outer edge of the impeller inlet flow. In the mixed-type self-priming pump in the start, the impeller must be opened before the bottom of the return valve, so that the liquid pump flow back to the impeller entrance. Water in the impeller high-speed rotation of the suction pipe to the air mixed to form gas-water mixture discharged to the separation chamber. Where the air is drained and the water is returned from the return valve to the impeller inlet. So repeated until the air drained, suction water to the mixed-type self-priming pump, the working principle and external mixing self-priming. Self-priming pump prices

Self-priming pump self-priming height, and impeller seal gap, the number of pumps, the separation chamber height and other factors. Impeller front seal smaller gap, the greater the self-priming height, generally taken as 0.3 to 0.5 mm; in the gap increases, in addition to a high degree of self-suction, the pump head, efficiency is reduced. The self-priming height of the pump increases with the circumferential speed of the impeller u2, but to the maximum self-priming height, the number of revolutions increases and the self-priming height no longer increases, but the self-priming time is shortened; When descending, the self-priming height descends. The self-priming height also increases with the increase of the storage height (but can not exceed the optimum storage height of the separation chamber) under other conditions. In order to better mix the gas and water in the self-priming pump, the blades of the impeller should be less, so that the pitch of the cascade is increased; and half-open impeller (or wider impeller) Easy to backwater deep into the impeller blade cascade.

Most of self-priming pump and internal combustion engine supporting, mounted on a removable car, suitable for field operations.

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