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Introduction and application of gas booster pump

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Pneumatic booster pump by compressed air as a moving, pressurized compressed air and other gases such as nitrogen, argon, helium, neon, oxygen, hydrogen and other gas pressurization.

Driving air pressure is generally 3-8bar (0.3-0.8MPa), of course not the pressure range, the same booster booster pump the same effect, with a booster booster ratio (drive live, plug and Pressurized live, plug area ratio) is fixed, the driving pressure 3bar and driving pressure 8bar when the maximum output pressure is inconsistent. So do not misunderstand the requirements for the driving pressure of 3-8bar, means that the pressure range can achieve the same pressure, so the selection according to the site of the compressed air pressure to select the appropriate pressure ratio, the general pressure to leave a certain . When the pressure closer to the pump's maximum output pressure, the pump the slower the frequency, the smaller the flow.

Introduction of gas booster pump

The principle is a big live, plug to promote small live, plug reciprocating movement to achieve pressure, with the pressure of the outlet end of the pressure rise, large live, plug and small live, plug the force tends to balance, so booster pump movement frequency When the pressure drop at the end of the booster pump will automatically work, when the pressure drop is small, Fill the pressure, with automatic pressure, pressure function.

When the pump load is smaller, the pump frequency is quicker, the load is bigger, the frequency of the pump is slower, when reaches the pump the biggest output (the air quantity is not a fixed value, Pressure, the pump stops working, not gas consumption. 220V power supply is not recommended to use air compressors, 220V air compressor displacement are generally smaller, booster pump can not play a normal performance.

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