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Water purification knowledge

Brief Introduction of Purified Water

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Water purification, through the corresponding filter material, according to the different needs of the final water in a physical or chemical way to remove water rust, sediment, chlorine, organic matter, harmful heavy metals Ions, bacteria, viruses and other processes. Obviously, if the water purification process is the use of physical filtration, it will not generate or add any new substances in the water, not to change the water traits, which is the safest way, is widely used in Western countries. Water to be purified, remove the harm to human health substances, we call it "water." According to the degree of purification, "clean water" to meet our different needs of life. Of course, the need to remove the material in the water the more the smaller the removal of the material, the unit of time the greater the demand for purified water, the need for the filter is more advanced, the higher the cost of inputs, which is different grades of product prices Different, the effect is also the nature of the reasons. RO pumps

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