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Bought a water purifier, but you know Deng Yuan company?

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water purifier, for the current first-line city people, in addition to not unfamiliar term is not a strange product almost all the people in the company, home, or shopping malls, squares used, but Never felt his presence.

But this product has become indispensable in the modern home appliances. Yes! Water purifier is different from other home appliances, his presence is very low (so it is easy to ignore its existence)

With the development of industrialization brought about by land pollution, water pollution, air pollution is the modern people must face the subject

But maybe you've heard! Bought! Used the United States, Patio, Angel, Amway, and so well-known brands of water purifiers.

But you have not heard of Deng water treatment equipment this company

Like buying a mobile phone you know Samsung, Apple, millet and other brands, but as people for security! technical!

And other needs, the public began to understand TSMC, Intel, and other chip manufacturers

Because these determine the performance and value of the phone!

The water purifier in this product, the most important thing is not the filter, but the pump, reverse osmosis membrane, pressure bucket these three main products.


From Taiwan, Deng water treatment company (the industry generally known as Deng Yuan pump), in the water purification industry has been nearly 50 years of history.

Deng water treatment equipment company trademark


In the water purifier water pump plays the role as the mobile phone chip processor, the player drives the entire equipment operation role. Deng Yuan was founded in 1971, was the first in Asia and then engaged in water treatment equipment, pump manufacturers and accessories manufacturers. Deng Yuan's role in the water purification industry as TSMC's role in the mobile phone industry.

Perhaps you bought a water purifier, maybe you are considering buying a water purifier, but perhaps you can also understand what the purchase of water purifier with the configuration and product value in which?

Car, we will care about the engine is made or imported? Is the German design, or Japanese design? Body is the original assembly or domestic processing?

Water purifier Similarly, you should also understand, why?

Because the water purifier is different from other home appliances, buy back a fixed time after the maintenance, to replace the supplies, the probability of failure than the refrigerator TV to be much higher!

Because he is a home appliance products can not help but maintain! More serious, there will be a flood at home! But ~ ~ now the water quality and safety issues can not be ignored.

Deng Yuan pump picture


In the water purifier, the highest level of reverse osmosis filtration system is unable to leave the pump of this configuration. Deng water treatment company since 2003 in Suzhou Taicang since the company set up.

We concentrate on the study of the mainland market but also to the market to provide product education, product knowledge, water purification and other popular knowledge.

Because Asia is the industrial area, because the industry is everywhere, so can not escape the growing environmental pollution. This is why the water market in Asia than Europe and the United States market, the reasons for active.

While Deng Yuan is currently in the domestic market is still occupying one of the major supply chain status. Because of our product requirements, we treat the enthusiasm and integrity of customers.

Let us in this market to pay a lot of mutual help to support customers and friends. Although Deng Yuan in Taiwan water purification industry is already well-known brands, to enter the mainland market, but to maintain the novice attitude to operate their own sales market for this access to a lot of elegant help and appreciation.

And our control of the technology is intrinsic to Taiwan's taste and rigorous focus, for the rush to the distribution market, customers often do not understand why the company in a product details Deng need to spend a lot of time to test to adjust. As a result of Deng Yuan's chairman of the company's product quality requirements. So do not want to let any crisis may occur.

If you (the consumer) would like to know why the water purifier need to use the pump at any time to welcome the mail to visit. Dypump@outlook.com

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