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Introduction to the basic principles of water purifier

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Water purifier is the depth of the water treatment of miniaturization of the machine  its main target is running water turbidity, color, odor and organic and so on. It generally consists of pre-filtration (coarse filtration), adsorption, fine filtration (micro filtration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis) and other three parts. Among them, adsorption (usually activated carbon adsorption) and fine filtration are the main means to remove organic matter, odor and chroma in water. The objective existence of the operation directly affects the water quality of water purifier. Household water purifier service targets are tens of thousands of households, but because of the use of regional water quality, water pressure conditions vary widely, the user lacks the necessary operational knowledge.

Water purifier materials are generally food-grade network filter does not harm the human body, but if the material reaches the saturation period and you do not have timely replacement of ㎞ will cause secondary pollution. Pre-filter is in the water into the precision filter before the installation of a relatively simple filter device, precision filter generally refers to the water can be filtered directly drink the filter, pre-filter are generally made with PP cotton filter, but also in the A very short time to be replaced, so as to ensure that before entering the precision filter water is not relatively large debris, such as sediment and other substances.

In the life of the filter may be used in a multi-media filter (sand filter), filter, activated carbon and KDF filtration, etc. Its main role is multi-media filter (usually sand filter) for the removal of suspended solids and part of the colloid Or iron ions, etc. Activated carbon can be used to remove organic matter, colloid, excessive chlorine and so on. PP cotton or other material ultrafiltration can be used to remove most of the suspended solids, colloids, organic matter (small), etc., are more sophisticated filtration KDF can be used to remove heavy metals or other harmful substances, when the water High-grade systems may need to be installed for potentially hazardous substances. Currently on the market common to the domestic water filtration equipment are basically in this range of the most common and the most commonly used filter to filter-based (with activated carbon filter and ultrafiltration filter). Clean water pump

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