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Design and Introduction of Pump Pump Head

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The Design and Introduction of Deng Yuan Pump Head

If you need to purchase Deng Yuan's pumps, please refer to this article for the introduction of the pump head. In addition to select your area to the pump outside the water. You should also refer to the company's own company for product design requirements, select your product performance is conducive to pump pump head design.

Supercharged pump head


This pump head is the earliest design product for water filtration household equipment (designed in 1983) and has been used in water purification equipment for more than 40 years

And Deng Yuan designed the water pump for the first in Asia to use water purification equipment in the domestic household water purifier

The main role is to tap into the water pressure to pressurize it to have enough pressure through the RO membrane

Pressure regulator pump head


Regulator pump for the follow-up Deng introduced the main use of commercial pumps in the design, water purification equipment is different from other industrial or household products

Its follow-up maintenance and maintenance of high frequency is the main characteristics of water purification products, solid, Deng Yuan introduced this allows customers to set the maximum sealing pressure pump head

So that customers can according to their product characteristics to produce a good performance of the product

Example: For example, the pressure of the booster pump head output plus other external factors will reach 20 kg in a closed space, but the overall pressure of the enclosed space can be adjusted up or down by the regulator head to better suit the product designer To produce the products needed in mind

Quick-connected pump head


In the Deng Yuan companies to enter the Chinese mainland market, about in 2005, the world began to use the water purification industry quick assembly to reduce the complexity of the era of assembly, and Deng Yuan also followed the market demand for water pump assembly needs The pump head assembly design transformation, so that users can more easily assembly. It should be noted that the current Tang Yuan fast M-pump head is used in constant pressure structure.

Regulator pump head


The pump head, we observed in mainland China tap water supply changes in the regular pressure to design this mainly in mainland China market-based pump head

This pump is characterized by no matter how high the pressure of the inlet side, after the pump after the water pressure can still maintain a stable output pressure

Its main purpose is to protect the RO membrane life, so that the working life of water purification equipment to be the best protection.

For example: municipal electricity through the transformer, the output voltage can be set to 12V or 5V such a design concept.

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